Innovation Centre, Exeter University, Devon, UK

Event date:
Thursday, October 22, 2015 to Friday, January 22, 2016

Event venue:
Innovation Centre, University of Exeter, Exeter, Devon United Kingdom

Event description:
CCANW – Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World presents

Jeannette Unite’s installation of ‘geo-seam’ mineral strata paintings made in response to the William Smith’s archives and Smith’s 1815 geological map of England and Wales.

Jeannette Unite’s installation commemorates the 200 year anniversary of William ‘Strata’ Smith’s 1815 geological soil map of England. These paintings incorporate embedded text from Smith’s archive at Oxford University and are made with the very minerals that he described in this pioneering strata map.

For Unite, the black coal from Wales, the tin from Cornwall and white chalk from Dover and iron, tin, lead, zinc, copper and even fossils, reference Great Britain’s geology, geography and politics, as well as social and industrial history on a globalised scale. Her lavishly mineral-painted surfaces made from raw ore and pigments appear as a cross-section of sediment inserted into the architectural space.

COMPLICIT GEOGRAPHIES will launch its tour at CCANW (Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World) and continue around England, Southern Africa and Germany as part of the United Nations’ Year of Soil and the British Geological Society’s Year of Mud.


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